Dr. Kenda Zhong

Dr. Kenda Zhong

Dr. Kenda Zhong graduated from Sichuan Agriculture University in 2009. She then started her master’s degree study with South China Agriculture University in 2014. After studying abdominal ultrasound with Dr. Myriam back in 2014, she decided to place her focus on Advanced Diagnostic Imaging.

She passed the China Practicing Veterinary exams and got her license in 2009. Since then she has been working in multiple busy small animal hospitals and is now working as a Feline Medicine attending veterinarian and Abdominal and Cardiac Ultrasound referral consultation provider in the biggest referral center of South China.

Dr. Kenda has been translating for Dr Myriam’s ultrasound training courses in Mainland China since 2018. She also translated for many internal medicine courses in Mainland.

Her clinical background makes this translation work just perfect for IVS courses and Dr. Kenda is now also happily sharing her Ultrasound experience with her veterinary colleagues, having now joined the IVS team of dedicated Instructors.

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