Dr. Maja Brloznik

Dr. Maja Brloznik

Dr. Maja Brloznik graduated as a DVM in 2004 from the Veterinary Faculty in Ljubljana. In the same year she passed the State exam and enrolled in the interdisciplinary Master Programme. She graduated with her Master thesis “Review of canine diseases with signs of urinary tract disease”.

Since 2006 Dr. Maja has been working in a busy Small Animal private practice; she is also working at the Clinic for Small Animals of the Veterinary faculty of Ljubljana as an external collaborator in Diagnostic Ultrasound and Cardiology since 2014.

Dr. Maja has attended over a hundred specialised veterinary courses and has actively contributed to more than 50 conferences, congresses and journals. 

In 2013, she entered into the postgraduate programme ‘’European Master of Small Animal Veterinary Medicine’’ at the University of Luxembourg, which she completed in 2018.

In 2016 she enrolled into an interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine, and in a PHD thesis where she is investigating diagnostic imaging methods for perfusion of tumours after electrochemotherapy, as possible predictive factors.

Dr. Maja joined Dr Myriam as a consultant in 2016 in order to help, part time, with the ultrasound needs in China.

She is now thrilled to continue providing CE in the region with International Veterinary Services.

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